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Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Ants in Your Home

When most homeowners see an ant in their homes, they generally either kill them or put them outside. Either way, they don’t put too much thought into it and just move on. Here’s why that’s a bad idea.

While most ants are relatively innocuous, some ant infestations could cause serious damage to your home in Butte or even your health. Don’t assume that every ant you see is harmless.

Home Damage Caused By Ant Colonies

Much like termites, some types of ants are capable of doing real damage to wood and other structures in your home. Carpenter ants, specifically, tunnel into the wood in your walls, decks, porches, and windows, weakening the structures.

Even if you only see one of these ants, which are usually black and between 0.25 and .5 inches, it could be a sign of a larger problem. Other signs of a potentially damaging ant infestation are small, unexplained piles of wood shavings near wooden fixtures in your home and light noises in your walls.

If you do notice one of these signs, don’t panic. You should just address the situation as quickly as possible to avoid additional damage by bringing in a professional. Look for “pest control near me” and go from there.

Health Problems

There are two main potential health risks when dealing with ants: bites and stings. Both stings and bites can be painful but stings pose a much greater threat. In some cases, the venom injected by an ant sting can be life-threatening.

While extreme reactions are unlikely, you still don’t want to mess around with an ant problem in your home in Butte.

Additional Infestations

It’s not a pleasant thought but it’s worth remembering that many other pests like to eat ants. That means the presence of ants in your home could draw in other pests.

Animals like bats often consume insects like ants and may be more attracted to your home if you already have an ant problem.

Similarly, some types of spiders eat ants so you don’t want your home to become a viable feeding ground for them.

Time to Bring in the Experts from Best Pest Control Butte, MT

If you have an ant problem in your home in Butte, these are some very good reasons to deal with it instead of just hoping it goes away on its own. You don’t have to manage the ant problem alone, though.

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