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Wasp Pest Control: Wasps can be beneficial in the garden, controlling pests like those tomato-eating caterpillars. But, they don’t always build their nests in the safest places for humans. You might find one under the deck or the overhang of your porch. They can also show up behind shutters, in your barbecue grill, even your attic. Before attempting a DIY nest removal, just remember that unlike bees, wasps can sting multiple times!

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Why Do I Need Professional Wasp Control?

While one wasp might be a nuisance at a picnic, a colony nesting in your attic can pose a serious threat to you, your family and pets – especially if someone has an allergy.

If you discover a nest, do not poke at it or let your children get too close. As social creatures, wasps can become very aggressive when threatened, and they will protect each other and their home. Disturbing or attempting to remove a nest by yourself could unleash thousands of angry wasps from inside.

Instead, call in the experts. Best Pest Control has the equipment and protective gear needed to safely remove the nest and give you peace of mind. Our wasp control service includes the following:

  • We will inspect the nest you discovered and check the rest of your property for more nests
  • A plan to remove and control the wasp infestation will be developed and discussed with you
  • With your approval, our experts will use the best methods to address your wasp problem, from removing the nest to treating cracks around your home and eliminating the wasp population
  • We’ll advise you on fixes that can be made to your home to keep wasps out and from nesting
  • If ongoing treatment is needed, we’ll create a schedule and strategy that works best for you