Wasps making a nest on my house

Pest control services

If you live in Butte, pest control challenges can be prevented with a few simple tasks. Today, Best Pest Control offers Montana homeowners a few tips on how to avoid issues with bugs and critters. Instead of having to defend against pest intruders, act with these proven effective interior and exterior pest control tips.

A couple of points to keep in mind are that if you eliminate the comfortable environment in which pests thrive, they are more than likely to stop trying to make your home their home – both inside and out. So, if you have pests hanging around your property, hiding in the foliage, nooks, and crannies, then you are likely to find these pests inside your Butte home at some point. Your best bet is to take away their options for housing, food, and a place to breed and the problem will most likely disappear.


Drains happen to be an excellent spot to find pests because they accumulate food particles and debris. Small flies and even cockroaches are particularly attracted to drains, so be sure to perform a thorough inspection of all sinks, tubs, laundry drains, basement drains.


The bottom line is that the cleaner your home remains, the fewer pests will be drawn to it. If there is not an accommodating environment, they will simply look elsewhere and leave.

Food Storage

Always use re-sealable yet air-tight containers to store food. Don’t leave any food out whatsoever. Even old and stale foods can attract pests like mice, so be sure to empty and clean out old food containers.


Keep your recycling area outside and as far away from the house as possible. Rinse all recycle first and use tight-fitting lids for recycling containers. Clean recycle bins and surrounding areas regularly.



Unless you want raccoons, make sure that your garbage containers have tight-fitting lids. Periodically clean cans and any spills nearby. Keep all yard debris and weeds out of the yard, off the patio and decks, as well as the garage free of litter and debris. Also, avoid standing water which will attract pests.

Exterior Gaps and Holes

Thoroughly inspect the exterior of your home for any gaps, holes, cracks, and crevices. Even cracks in the foundation, missing shingles, and loose siding can be an entry point for pests. Use steel wool, copper mesh, mortar, or sheet metal to seal up any openings. Be sure to carefully check around any pipes, wires, and utility lines. Expanding caulk is not recommended as rodents can easily chew through it.

Interior Gaps and Holes

Check inside of your Butte home for any holes or crevices in the kitchen and bathroom cabinets, under and behind refrigerators, stoves, around vents, and pipes. Seal up anything ¼ inch or larger.

Windows and Door Gaps

Warped or broken windows and screens can easily let in spiders, wasps, roaches, and rodents. Replace ripped and torn screens with screen mesh of at least 200 holes per square inch.

Mulch and Plants

No shrubbery, trees or plants should touch your home, so trim those back to avoid “pest bridges.” Use hardscapes, groundcovers, stones, or rocks rather than mulches; that will help eliminate pest shelters in your yard and garden areas.

Now that you know how to overcome Butte pest control challenges through preventative measures, you should see fewer unwanted visitors in your home. Best Pest Control is available to answer your questions and help rid your home of all unwanted pests. Contact us for all pest-related problems today.