I found fleas in my house

Dealing with fleas

Many residents and business owners in Butte Montana believe that only pet owners deal with flea infestations. Worse yet, some people believe that fleas are relatively harmless. The fact is that fleas often cause expensive and even life-threatening problems:

  • Costly removal: Even if you use do-it-yourself flea spray or bug bombs, you will have to deal with this problem repeatedly if you miss a single female flea or eggs during cleanup. DIY efforts often result in an infestation lasting weeks and the cost of removal adding up over time.
  • Serious reactions: Most people experience a small amount of swelling, rash and extreme itching when bitten by a flea. That said, some people experience severe nausea, wheezing, shortness of breath, chest pain and even lip, tongue, and throat swelling.
  • Disease transmission: Fleas consume blood, which makes them perfect blood-borne disease transmitters. Certain flea species pass deadly bacteria like Francisella tularensis and Yersinia pestis on to pets and humans. It takes only one bite to cause serious harm, especially to pets, small children, the elderly, and anyone with immune system dysfunction.

At Best Pest Control, we know that people must tackle flea infestations as quickly and efficiently as possible. A single female flea can lay at least 175 eggs within a week. Also, many people accidentally bring fleas indoors on shoes or socks soon after do-it-yourself removal because they fail to take preventative measures. To learn more about this topic, including the types of barriers and traps that stop fleas before they can enter a structure, contact one of our expert exterminators today.