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Vole Control: Voles are very destructive to landscaping. They can cause dead patches and holes in your lawn, dead plants as well as leaning trees.  Voles are mouse-like rodents that are sometimes called field mice or pine mice.  They are distinguished from mice by their short tails and bulky build.  Voles have a short life span but can have 5 to 10 litters per year.

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4 Signs that You Have a Vole Infestation

  1. GIRDING OF TREES AND SHRUBS – Voles will nibble on woody plants during late fall and early spring when green vegetation is scarce.
  1. DEAD PLANTS AND BULBS – Voles cause damage by feeding on leaves, shoots, roots, tubers and seeds of most grasses and broad leaved flowering plants as well as vegetables and crops.
  1. RUNWAYS AND DEAD GRASS– Voles mess up lawns by constructing runways and clipping grass very close to the roots.
  1. LEANING TREES – If you have been noticing leaning trees this may be caused by voles.  Voles like to chew on roots of trees and shrubs and can reduce the integrity of your plants.

What to Expect When You Call Best Pest Control

While every problem is unique, and we’ll be happy to provide a customized solution, here are the basics of our rodent removal process:

  • INSPECTION – Most vole situations must be evaluated in-person, so one of our experts will take a look around your home and provide you with an estimate for our vole control services.
  • ELIMINATION – Using traps, bait, repellents  and any other necessary treatments we can help eliminate voles from your property.
  • FOLLOW-UP – After the initial treatment, we’ll return to check traps, remove carcasses and provide more bait if needed.